The Revier Difference

Only Revier Beef has the perfect combination of Premium Northern Genetics from the Revier Region; proprietary diet grown in the region; and, Total Livestock Care (TLC) using patented facilities and differentiated techniques to produce the best tasting, highest quality, most sustainable beef.

Premium Cattle

All of Revier’s Angus seed stock operations utilize A.I. breeding. On the best Angus bloodlines with unique northern genetics are developed with no expense spared to achieve the highest quality. All cattle are hand selected by Tom Revier.

Revier Cattle Company (RCC) raises Prime/Choice-graded Black Angus cattle.

All RCC’s purebred Black Angus operations seed stock is developed with no expense spared to achieve the highest quality beef. With decades of cattle raising experience, RCC is a true expert when it comes to choosing and nurturing Premium Cattle. RCC continually seeks high-quality Angus feeder cattle, as well as opportunities for background cattle.

As a result of this commitment, consumers can be assured of safe, High Quality, Sustainable Beef as part of a balanced, highly nutritious, and delicious diet at home and in the finest dining establishments.

Revier Cattle Company

Excellent Feed

Feed for Revier Cattle includes locally grown, high protein ingredients - some of which are grown by Revier Farms. Revier’s crops are raised on soil enhanced with manure from Revier Cattle operations. Cattle feed is blended and fed fresh daily for the highest nutritional value to the animal.

Environmental Sustainability

Revier is committed to environmental sustainability. Our patented barn design, up-cycling manure, capturing greenhouse gases, and anaerobic digester are technologies Revier uses to deliver the highest sustainability in the industry.

Excellent Facilities

Revier’s unique facilities give cattle the space to move around from large grassy pastures, to totally enclosed patented buildings with incredible air quality. Global research shows thee are the best conditions for raising healthy cattle yielding great tasting tender beef.