Demkota Gold Standards

At DemDota, finding the highest quality beef begins at the source. Fortunately, we don’t have to go any further than our backyard to find the best beef in the world.

Sourcing from within a 250-mile radius surrounding the Aberdeen, S.D. facility, DemKota beef is grazed and fed in America’s heartland. Purchased from our neighbors who care about livestock and share our hard-working values.

USDA Prime
The best grade given by the USDA, represents the highest degree of marbling for tenderness and juiciness.
Premium Choice
The upper 2 of 3 tiers of the USDA Choice grades with a marbling score of Modest 00 or higher, just slightly below USDA Prime.
USDA Choice
Choice grade is a USDA standard of high quality beef, commonly tender with a juicy and flavorful taste. The most familiar quality grade by the USDA.
USDA Select
This grade is a leaner grade, slightly less marbling than the lowest tier of USDA Choice.
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We’re rooted in DemKota Country, its community, traditions, and attitudes. We’re ranchers and beef lovers. And we’re people of our word.
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