DemKota Country

We like to call our precious corner of the earth, DemKota Country. Located in the beautiful Upper Midwest of the United States. Our headquarters is in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

This land is home to us and perfect for the cattle raised here. With an ideal climate, room to roam, and the finest feed in America, our cattle live their lives as nature intended.

Who We Are

We believe there are no better cattle anywhere than here in South Dakota and the surrounding area. We are targeting quality to keep customers coming back for more. We have to be competitive; we’re not a true niche market, like grass-fed or organic; we’re more mainstream but we are value-added.

We build our strategy around quality, from the cattle we source to superior processing methods to our customer service, and we’re confident that if we stick to these goals our product will always find a home.

Humane Animal Treatment

DemKota is a national leader in the humane treatment of cattle. We believe that as ranchers, we have a duty to take care of the animals that provide for and sustain our way of life. Our facility was designed under the guidance of Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State.

In addition, we have a 100% rating in providing humane animal treatment per the FDA regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices.

How We Do It
To us, DemKota Country is the most beautiful place in the country to live, work, and raise a family. We recognize our livelihood depends on nature’s bounty.

We consider it our duty to be a steward of the land we call home. We embrace the responsibility of ensuring the DemKota way endures for years to come. To do this our products and processes are socially responsible, environmentally sound, and economically viable.
Food Safety
We follow strict HACCP protocols to prevent food-borne illness to provide the most disciplined and sanitary approach to food processing.

We’re certified to the SQF Edition 9.0 standard meaning that DemKota complies with the highest international and domestic food safety regulations.
Processing & Packaging
Our state-of-the-art processing takes place in our own plant which is devoted solely to the production of beef.

We utilize air-tight, shrink-wrapping technology with chilled water dissipation which removes any residual heat prior to shipment and ensures that you always get the highest quality cuts.
Our Leadership
Adam Bode

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Bode

Vice President of Procurement, Producer Relations

Todd Landfried

Vice President of Branded Sales and Marketing

Steven Buhlke

Vice President of Margin Management

Mark R Stammer

Vice President of Human Resources

Dan Rohrberg

Director of International Sales

The Best Partner You’ll Ever Have

You’ve Got Our Word On That

We’re rooted in DemKota Country, its community, traditions, and attitudes. We’re ranchers and beef lovers. And we’re people of our word.
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