Welcome to DemKota Ranch Beef, where we’ve got a name with a story that’s as unique as our premium beef. Ever wonder about the story behind this intriguing name? Well, here’s how it goes: Imagine a rancher from Minnesota describing the Dakotas, and you get, “DemKota” which is the result of merging “them” (Dem) and “Kota,” symbolizing both North and South Dakota. It’s a clever play on words that captures the essence of our unique region. Our headquarters proudly stand in Aberdeen, South Dakota, serving as the heart of “DemKota Country.” This extraordinary region spans across these three states, making it a true blend of flavors and heritage.

In this remarkable corner of the world, we’re all about embracing the natural beauty that graces our landscape. The climate here seems to have struck a perfect balance, making it a paradise for cattle. There’s plenty of open space and the finest feed available, thanks to a special blend of geographical and climatic factors, allowing cattle to thrive just the way Mother Nature intended.

How We Do It
Family Farmers & Ranchers
Family farmers and ranchers are the backbone of DemKota Ranch Beef. They are more than just producers of quality beef. They are the embodiment of the DemKota Way, a philosophy rooted in tradition that is committed to crafting premium beef while caring for the land and animals.

Through their dedication, family farmers and ranchers ensure that the DemKota Way endures. They practice responsible stewardship by caring for the land, animals, and the environment. This adherence guarantees that every bite of DemKota beef is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the enduring values of the DemKota Way.
Humane Animal Treatment
At DemKota Ranch Beef, ethical practices are more than just a checkbox – they're a point of pride. We take our role as stewards of the land and its inhabitants seriously. Our facilities were thoughtfully designed under the guidance of Dr. Temple Grandin, a respected advocate for ethical animal treatment. Treating our cattle with kindness and empathy isn't just a routine – it's a reflection of the values that define our enduring legacy.
Processing & Packaging
Operating within our state-of-the-art facility dedicated solely to beef production, our cutting-edge processing techniques come to life. We harness air-tight, shrink-wrapping technology complemented by chilled water dissipation. This meticulous process eliminates any lingering heat before shipment, guaranteeing that the superior quality of our cuts is always delivered to you.
Our Leadership
Adam Bode

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Bode

Vice President of Procurement, Producer Relations

Duane Clark

Vice President of Operations

Tom Long

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Rausch

Vice President of Business Development & Marketing

Dan Rohrberg

Vice President of Sales

Mark R Stammer

Vice President of Human Resources

The Best Partner You’ll Ever Have

You’ve Got Our Word On That

We’re rooted in DemKota Country, its community, traditions, and attitudes. We’re ranchers and beef lovers. And we’re people of our word.
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