To These Families It’s Not A Job
But A Way Of Life.

Family ranchers are a staple of the heartland and the soul of our industry. Quite frankly, we couldn’t do what we do without them.

Some of these families have worked Demkota Country for generations, becoming thoughtful stewards of the land, trusted keepers of the herd, and caretakers of a legacy rooted in the past but ready for the future.

Meet Our Rancher Partners

The Nilsson’s

Located near Warner, South Dakota, the Nilsson family has farmed these lands for generations. Now they’ve partnered with Demkota to bring over a century of ranching expertise to your table.

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The Best Partner You’ll Ever Have

You’ve Got Our Word On That

We’re rooted in Demkota Country, its community, traditions, and attitudes. We’re ranchers and beef lovers. And we’re people of our word.
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