Meet the Rancher

Meet Bruce Edgar, a devoted rancher based in Western South Dakota, specializing in registered Angus cattle. His deep commitment to family is the driving force behind his ranch, with his wife, sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren actively engaged in the day-to-day operations.

Bruce’s ranch is thoughtfully divided into two sections: one for nurturing summer grass and the other for cultivating croplands, ensuring a consistent supply of winter feed for the cattle. His sustainable farming practices, such as no-till farming and cover crops, are employed to extend the grazing season and uphold environmental responsibility.

What sets Bruce apart is his unwavering dedication to selecting herd sires with ideal DNA traits, with a particular focus on marbling and overall quality. These carefully chosen bulls play a crucial role in the production of high-quality beef, destined not only for the ranch but also for customers and ranchers who supply to DemKota Ranch Beef.

Beyond his dedication to quality, Bruce places great importance on maintaining strong customer relationships. He regularly visits customers to assess the performance of the bulls and address any concerns, ensuring their satisfaction and success in raising top-notch cattle.

So, as Bruce’s carefully selected bulls find their way to customers and ranchers who ultimately supply DemKota Ranch Beef, you can be assured of the exceptional quality that’s at the heart of Bruce Edgar’s ranching legacy. It’s a story of family, quality, and a commitment to delivering the best in every bite.

Justin Spickler

Meet Justin Spickler, owner of Spickler Ranch North in Glenfield, North Dakota. His grandfather bought the ranch in the early 1940s, and Justin and his wife Sara continue to run it today.

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Craig Huss

The Huss family has been farming and ranching in Central South Dakota for over 100 years.

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Tracy Hoherz

In Central North Dakota, Tracy Hoherz of Two River Feeders raises cattle and crops, embodying the dedication needed to sustainably feed America.

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