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Located amidst serene and scenic surroundings in Glenfield, North Dakota, you will discover Spickler Ranch North—a living testament to the indelible heritage of the Spickler family. Leading this endeavor is the unwavering rancher, Justin Spickler, whose profound affection for his land and livestock resonates throughout.

With a rich history dating back to the early 1940s, Spickler Ranch has witnessed the transformation from Hereford to Angus cattle. Justin’s grandfather laid the foundation, and now, Justin and Sarah carry forward this proud tradition. Their commitment to raising registered Angus cattle showcases their unwavering dedication to quality and excellence.

What sets Justin apart is his profound appreciation for family. Sarah is not just his partner in life, but an integral part of the ranching operation. From helping on horseback to managing the bookwork, Sarah’s contributions are invaluable. Together, they are raising the next generation of ranchers, with their children poised to become the fourth generation to carry the torch of this remarkable heritage.

Ranching is no walk in the park, and Justin and Sarah understand this better than anyone. Weathering the storm, quite literally, they face the unpredictable challenges of caring for their animals in all weather conditions. From the hottest of days to the coldest of nights, their commitment never wavers, and they are out in the field ensuring the well-being of their cattle.

Beyond the trials, raising cattle holds immense significance. It provides a vital source of nutritious protein, not just for their local community, but for the world at large. Justin and Sarah recognize the responsibility they hold in contributing to global food security, and they take immense pride in providing this essential resource.

Another aspect that brings fulfillment to Justin and Sarah’s ranching journey is their relationship with DemKota Ranch Beef. They cherish this partnership and eagerly anticipate its continuation each year. It’s a testament to their commitment to sustainable practices and fostering connections within the industry.

As the seasons change and the ranch evolves, Justin and Sarah approach each year with a sense of excitement and purpose. The beauty of the land, the bond with their animals, and the joy of working alongside their loved ones make every day on Spickler Ranch a cherished experience.

Justin Spickler is not just a rancher; he’s a steward of tradition, a guardian of the land, and a provider of nourishment. Through his unwavering commitment and the support of his wife Sarah, they have cultivated a legacy that extends beyond their family. Spickler Ranch is a testament to the enduring spirit of ranching and the profound impact it has on our world.

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