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Join us in getting to know the Gebhart family, a dedicated family of ranchers working alongside DemKota Ranch Beef, situated in the Northwestern corner of South Dakota. Their lineage has deep roots in the ranching tradition, spanning generations and reaching as far back as 1917.

The Gebhart family’s tale is one of enduring commitment, a legacy passed down through time, initiated by Mike’s grandfather. This legacy thrives on the bedrock of family values and cherished tradition, values that continue to form the very essence of their ranching operation. The active participation of Mike’s sons, Travis and Dalton, along with their respective families, is instrumental in preserving this cherished heritage.

Our partnership with the Gebhart family is a testament to their pursuit of excellence. DemKota Ranch Beef, known for its unwavering commitment to top-quality cattle, has found a kindred spirit in the Gebhart family.

Sustainability takes center stage in their operation, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to preserving and enhancing the land for future generations. Their dedication to producing high-quality beef underscores their unwavering commitment, emphasizing that their ranching endeavor is not just a business; it’s a genuine family affair where real people come together to provide nourishing food.

In the breathtaking landscapes of their ranch, the most rewarding aspect of their labor is the creation of a unique environment for raising children and imparting invaluable life lessons.

Stay tuned to our channel to discover the remarkable journey of the Gebhart family, dedicated producers for DemKota Ranch Beef, as they embody the values of ranching legacy, sustainability, and the enduring bonds of family.

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