About Our Family

Four generations have farmed the land that Marlin Nilsson, and his son Casey, still farm today. Located near Warner, S.D. the Nilsson’s have partnered with Demkota Ranch Beef since the company’s beginning and pride themselves on raising South Dakota cattle.

The Nilsson family works closely with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure their crops and cattle are raised environmentally sound. Cattle are checked daily and follow strict protocols for producing beef that offers a healthy, wholesome, and quality protein.

Meet Our Rancher Partners

Justin Spickler

Meet Justin Spickler, owner of Spickler Ranch North in Glenfield, North Dakota. His grandfather bought the ranch in the early 1940s, and Justin and his wife Sara continue to run it today.

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Craig Huss

The Huss family has been farming and ranching in Central South Dakota for over 100 years.

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Pat Breen

Meet Pat Breen, the proud third-generation rancher who continues the family legacy and upholds the values of quality and sustainability.

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We’re rooted in DemKota Country, its community, traditions, and attitudes. We’re ranchers and beef lovers. And we’re people of our word.
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