Meet The Rancher

Meet Patrick Maher, a dedicated rancher from Timber Lake, South Dakota, with a profound family legacy in the cattle business spanning over 30 years. Patrick, along with his business partner John, who has shared this journey for three decades, is proud to continue a tradition his dad and uncle upheld for over 50 years.

They emphasize the importance of family involvement and hope to inspire the younger generation to carry on their legacy. Patrick shares insights into their partnership with DemKota Ranch Beef, a strategic move that has reduced freight costs and established a strong working relationship with a team located 150 miles from their feedlot.

Sustainability is at the heart of their farming practices, with an emphasis on using manure as fertilizer and rotating crops to maintain soil health. They run a low-stress program and adhere to stringent health protocols to ensure the well-being of their cattle throughout the year.

Patrick paints a realistic picture of the cattle business, acknowledging its rewarding but challenging nature, and underscores the importance of patience and hard work. He also sheds light on how their collaboration with DemKota has brought new opportunities to South Dakota, thanks to their focus on high-quality genetics in cattle.

Justin Spickler

Meet Justin Spickler, owner of Spickler Ranch North in Glenfield, North Dakota. His grandfather bought the ranch in the early 1940s, and Justin and his wife Sara continue to run it today.

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Tracy Hoherz

In Central North Dakota, Tracy Hoherz of Two River Feeders raises cattle and crops, embodying the dedication needed to sustainably feed America.

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Gebhart Family

Meet the Gebhart family, a dedicated family of ranchers located in the Northwestern corner of South Dakota, with a rich ranching heritage dating back to 1917.

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