To These Families It’s Not A Job But A Way Of Life.

Family farmers and ranchers are integral to our industry’s prosperity and hold a special place in our hearts. At DemKota Ranch Beef, we are driven by their unwavering commitment, and we take pride in working alongside these hardworking individuals who share our values of excellence.

These ranchers not only care for their land but also for their herds, preserving a proud heritage. We invite you to discover the exceptional quality of the beef they help produce by getting to know these remarkable individuals.

Meet DemKota Ranch Beef Cattle Ranchers

Nilsson Family

Located near Warner, South Dakota, the Nilsson family has farmed these lands for generations. Now they’ve partnered with Demkota to bring over a century of ranching expertise to your table.

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Pat Breen

Meet Pat Breen, the proud third-generation rancher who continues the family legacy and upholds the values of quality and sustainability.

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Farmer and Rancher, Grant Petersen

Grant Petersen

Grant Peterson, a third-generation farmer and rancher in South Central North Dakota, is not just tending to his land and livestock; he is shaping the future of agriculture.

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Justin Spickler

Meet Justin Spickler, owner of Spickler Ranch North in Glenfield, North Dakota. His grandfather bought the ranch in the early 1940s, and Justin and his wife Sara continue to run it today.

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Craig Huss

The Huss family has been farming and ranching in Central South Dakota for over 100 years.

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Gebhart Family

Meet the Gebhart family, a dedicated family of ranchers located in the Northwestern corner of South Dakota, with a rich ranching heritage dating back to 1917.

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Bruce Edgar

Meet Bruce Edgar, a dedicated rancher from Western South Dakota, passionate about raising registered Angus cattle.

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Patrick Maher

Meet Patrick Maher, a dedicated rancher from Timber Lake, South Dakota, carrying on a rich family legacy in the cattle business.

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Tracy Hoherz

In Central North Dakota, Tracy Hoherz of Two River Feeders raises cattle and crops, embodying the dedication needed to sustainably feed America.

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